Mandla Maseko is a 27 year old future generation Astronaut, credit to winning the Axe Apollo Space Academy competition that is under the SXC (Space Expedition Corporation). His dream is to do Aeronautical Engineering and qualify as a Mission Specialist. He aspire to be the first African to walk on the Moon and hopefully put the South African flag there. And in the process of doing all of that, He want to inspire and motivate the youth of south Africa and the rest of the continent, and also discover young aspiring future afronauts.   Axe Apollo Space Academy® has revealed the final crew from around the world that will launch into space, and we are proud to announce that Mandla Maseko from South Africa has been selected among the Next Generation of Space Explorers. After receiving one million submissions from hopefuls across the globe, 107 brave guys and girls were selected from 60 countries to gather in Cape Canaveral, Florida for the final stage of the Axe Apollo Space Academy® to prove they have what it takes to be an astronaut. Under the stewardship of A.A.S.A. head and astronaut legend Buzz Aldrin, 23 extraordinary recruits, including Mandla, have been selected to complete the final crew that will journey into suborbital space. While at the AXE Apollo Space Academy®, Mandla challenged his mental and physical limits during a series of missions that gave all recruits a taste of the thrills and trials faced by real astronauts. Among the series of training missions, Mandla mastered piloting an Air Combat USA® aircraft and braced himself for the strength of blast off in a G-Force Simulator at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.   Mandla is among an international team of A.A.S.A space travelers. The A.A.S.A. team includes men and women representing countries around the globe, some of whom will make history as the first from their nations to go to space. Some of these history-making winners include the first Filipino, Thai and New Zealander to go to space. In total, the A.A.S.A. international team represents Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Slovakia, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, India, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa and China.


The “Sky is not the Limit” campaign has been inspiring African youth forthe last 3 years. The aim of the campaign is to grow the appreciation of aeronautics and space in Africa. The campaign is spearheaded by Mandla Maseko, who is set to be the first black South African in space.

Working with entrepreneurs, educators and motivational speakers, thecampaign goes to various schools instilling the concept that with beliefand hard work, the sky is only the beginning.


"SANSA as a young space agency shares the passion for space as does Mandla. We are very happy to have our very first black South African in space in the near future and SANSA watches his progress with interest.
SANSA has been an avid supporter of Mandla as he has been involved with SANSA teams during their outreach activities targeting our youth. He has been an inspiration to these youngsters encouraging them to love science, hold onto their dreams and to never stop dreaming big as anything is possible if you believe.
We wish him a safe and successful space flight and in his future endeavour in engineering. "



Mandla Maseko’s dream to go around the country to motivate young people to pursue their dreams and work hard regardless of where they come from. With his background as typical township boy Mandla is the epitome of hope. He will inspire the youth by preaching that “The Sky is not the limit”, if you really want something, no matter the challenge you can still get it.

Mandla comes from a community that is infested with “nyaope” a cheap drug. His dream is to motivate the youth to focus on their education and conquer the world. He noticed that being out of school is the reason why most youth end up doing drugs and crime. Therefore he wants to use this platform to influence their mind-set and be the example that they need.


He is doing this for:
• The 3 year old kid who goes to school, not because he/she has to get education, but just so he/she can feed off from the school feeding scheme because there's no food at home. • The young person who's got a degree, keeps going for interviews and still is unemployed . • For all those kids who walk more than 20km bare foot just to get education. • For old man or umagogo (granny) who wakes up every morning to go make and sell amagwinya (fat cakes) • For the guys and girls who sell sweets and vegtables in trains and on the platforms.

Mostly he wants to leave a legacy, using the platform that he has been given to influence.


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SABC interview - Mandla Maseko

First black African heading into space



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